DoYouYoga Series Part 2 of 4  

by Alina Seeberger. Published 29th December 2016DoYouYoga

ROY graduate Alina shares her experience of her teacher training journey with ROY in Bali. Week 2 Connecting with the Chakras : ROY Training Insights with Alina (Part 2 of 4)  

ROY's courses progress in layers. Foundations are built in week 1. Once students are acclimatised to their practice space, routine and peers, subtle yogic concepts and internal practices are then introduced and explored in a safe space.


DoYouYoga Feature Series

DoYouYoga Feature Series

DoYouYoga : ROY Training Insights with Alina Seeberger

Part 1 of 4 : Week 1 Getting Started

Part 2 of 4 : Connecting with Chakras  

Part 3 of 4  : Asana & Alignment

Part 4 of 4 : Final Week & Grateful Send-off!