Dear Daphne & Anton, Thank you kindly for an incredible experience. I learnt a lot of new words, postures and exercises and how to breath… but most importantly I learnt about how yoga can develop inner strength and character and found beauty in a humbling and peaceful way. You both are very gifted and have a manner and grace which is supportive and encouraging … truly wonderful.
— Belle, Hong Kong
The last few days have been beautiful and it has changed my life in a million ways. The course was very peaceful – just like the both of you! We had enough time to practice, meditate and learn more about yoga and how its so much more than physical asanas. I almost felt like you were hosting us in your own house – thank you so much for everything. I go back with a lot more understanding of yoga, life, breath and just myself. You both have and always will be very special to me – thank you!
— Nayana, India
Bali was amazing! ROY’s teachings really helped to deepen my understanding and practice of yoga and all in a very friendly, natural environment. I’m already looking forward to the next one.
— Rob, UK
I had such a great experience with yoga, meditation and workshops, allowing us to understand yoga on a deeper level. Daphne & Anton are also really helpful in whatever questions we had and really helped me to get deeper into my practice. Will certainly go for ROY’s next event!
— Ouyang, Singapore
In my opinion, a good teacher isn’t just someone who simply imparts all his or her knowledge but someone who can interest the students in the subject and make them want to discover more about that subject. I think you guys did just that. Thanks for being a big part of my yoga journey and inspiring me to go on discovering more about yoga.
— Cindy, Singapore
Boohoo!! Oh my god, I cant believe its over. Never knew time could go so quickly. But then again, its one more day closer to ROY’s next course!! Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful success. Glad to be here and I really look forward to the next one.

With lots of positive thoughts, love and respect, your humble student…
— Shourov, India
This was a really enjoyable and eye opening experience for me. I feel really thankful to practice under the guidance of such great instructors! =) It was really well planned, the food was great and it was a really relaxing getaway, I look forward to more in the future! Thank you for such a great experience that you have provided us!
— Kimberly, Singapore
I really enjoyed my time here, thank you. I could have stayed for 5 weeks! I like the style in which Anton and Daphne teach their classes and found the information provided additional to the classes was great. Many of the questions I have about Ashtanga/Vinyasa based Hatha Yoga practice were answered before I got to ask. For me personally this was an absolute pleasure, I enjoyed the teaching, food, location and surrounds. I would recommend it to anyone seeking that style of yoga.
— Chris, Australia
Just came back from my second retreat with ROY and I already can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for the meticulously-planned program and excellent choice of venue. Beyond just an extremely lovely time, there are tons of takeaways I have picked up from the lectures, the workshops as well as from just simply being present there during the retreat : )

While everyone can practice yoga, and some might be really good at it, definitely not everyone has what it takes to be good teachers. Both of you are definitely the rare gems I have been blessed to have found at this early stage of my journey. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your passion and knowledge as well as your patience and encouragement.

I will definitely recommend Routes of Yoga to anyone looking to start or to learn more about yoga. Save a slot for me for me though as I will definitely be back!
— Tridi, Indonesia
Thanks for organizing the wonderful retreat. I had a great time. Much effort was put into the selection of resort and itinerary planning. I enjoyed both the outings and the yoga sessions. Both of you are the best yoga teachers I have encountered, with clear instructions and hands-on adjustments that really improved my poses. I hope to continue taking more events with you in future.
— Vicky, Singapore
Thank you both so much for the amazing retreat! It was a lot of fun, we had great food, fantastic company and of course, not forgetting the energizing and wonderful YOGA! The trip was thoughtfully planned and you guys really spared no efforts to make sure we were comfortable at all times. Many of the things shared with us during the practices and the various workshops are new to me, and I would definitely like to learn and explore more about the various aspects of yoga. Lastly, kudos to you two lovely teachers!
— Joyce, Singapore
This is my first retreat and I totally enjoyed it even though I don’t know what to expect. The whole experience was wonderful from the first contact through to the end. I totally enjoyed the beautiful place, nice food and most importantly the caring teachers and great group! Looking forward to the next one!

— Cheryl, Singapore



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