2017 - Intentions


2016 just kept them coming. One event after another, we were offered plenty to respond to – To doubt, to question, to challenge, to face, to hold on, to support, to love, to let go. We’ve taken our sides; we’ve mouthed plenty of opinions. Who we are sits in our response to what life serves us. For all shades of Opportunity that we have been given, we give thanks.

In the new cycle of 2017, a fresh crisp energy to Refine. Show me, Yoga says – how much do you mean what you say? Align your 3 doors of Body (Action), Speech (Words) and Mind (Thought). May they be mirrors of reflections upon each other.

"I care" - what do your actions say? 
"I am committed" – what do your actions say? 
"I am love" – what do your actions say?

"I am Flexible" - what is the state of your mind?

Intention :🙏🏽::
May we sway with ease to life's unfolding wisdom this new year and beyond