An unrest surfaces - a conflict at work, a person you are trying to understand, a situation that makes you anxious. Whatever it is has ruffled your feathers and left you with a genuine desire to fix, mediate or understand somehow.

How often do we choose the path of more thinking? Analysing and re-play a story repeatedly in our minds, bending the situation around the armour of our will & world. We sit in the sidelines painting a glorious picture of life, outside of life itself.

Many times
we mistaken More Thinking to Deeply Listening. We tire out from cycles of overthinking before the real work can begin. We think that this is the way to resolution, to the right conclusions. We justify, because the alternative would be to admit that all that effort put into More Thinking is useless.

On the other hand, a boundless cave of wisdom and unconditional love sits at our core. Softly it speaks, patiently it waits, to be heard. Regardless of the outcome, Listening Deeply leaves us peaceful at heart. Here we do not tire. Here we Revive.

Dance in a circle my friend. But once in a while lift your head up and walk into the middle.

To the one that knows, that knows

Om Tat Sat