Unplug out of the grid and into nature’s arms. Retreat into the solitude of your practice.



Dates : 10th - 18th February 2017

Duration : 9 days, 8 nights

Location : Anamaduwa, Sri Lanka

This is a privately organised group event and is not open for public registration. Drop us a note if you are interested in attending a similar public or privately tailored course.



Feel the earth beneath your bare feet and discover all that nature has to offer.  An integral part of any genuine practice is the stripping away of the noise that we constantly build up around us. This is the place for you to do exactly that. Centre yourself through your practice both on and off the mat. 

We will be living in a unique sustainable development grounded in its unison with the land and elements. 

3 core modules will be used to explore the theme of Sustainability. Daily responsibilities are allocated to each individual as part of living in a community. This culminates at the end of the course with a dialogue about Living in a Community based on an experiential point of view gained through the week. 


Explore your physical realm. Cultivate awareness and focus here as a means towards peace. 

Celebrate your body's capabilities and flow through dynamic morning sessions with the rising sun. Slow down in the evenings and ease into stillness as the sun sets. Allow your breath to ease you into postures. Engage its subtleties as a point of focus for relaxation and meditation. Talks on yoga will provide a framework of understanding on the history and trajectory of yoga up to its current perception as merely physical postures - a reflection of our modern preoccupation with image.


Enjoy the natural therapy of working with the earth.

Learn how to build with natural materials in daily hands-on workshops. Work along side skilled local craftsmen and learn how a sustainable development is created. The Building Workshop involves the sourcing and collection of material, the making and putting together of additional building materials ( such as mud / adobe bricks) and the installation of a building project. 


Walk the land and wander through natural untouched landscapes. Daily excursions to a series of sites and natural trails.We venture through nature trails, have picnics by the waters, cycle through the local village, kayak out at the lake and nourish ourselves with fresh local produce. 
At the core of this experience is our home base. With unique communal huts, outdoor showers and very little walls, this is a unique opportunity to experience the simple life and how this can be done comfortably as well. In between our course structure we take the time to find solitude. 



Practitioners of all levels looking to take time out for their yoga practice and engage in a natural, inspiring landscape.

Individuals keen to discover alternative ways and mindsets of living.



Just came back from my second retreat ROY and I already can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for the meticulously-planned program and excellent choice of venue. Beyond just an extremely lovely time, there are tons of takeaways I have picked up from the lectures, the workshops as well as from just simply being present there during the retreat : )

While everyone can practice yoga, and some might be really good at it, definitely not everyone has what it takes to be good teachers. Both of you are definitely the rare gems I have been blessed to have found at this early stage of my journey. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your passion and knowledge as well as your patience and encouragement.

I will definitely recommend Routes of Yoga to anyone looking to start or to learn more about yoga. Save a slot for me for me though as I will definitely be back!
— Tridiana