Explore the Himalayan foothills and learn about India's unique & vibrant culture. Connect with other seekers on a yogic journey of nature, culture and pilgrimage.

Discover hidden gems, amazing artisans and unique local characters. Get a taste of real life in remote places as you develop your yoga practice in mother India.



Dates :  15th - 26th February 2020

Duration : 12 Days, 11 Nights

Location : North India (Delhi, Rishikesh, Himalayan foothills)

Facilitator & Guide: Daphne Charles, Anshul Seth


We will be travelling as an intimate group. This retreat is available for 10 students only. 

As a small group we will be able to get around in a local and non-intrusive way. Moving through three locations, our 12 days together will be supported with a daily rhythm of yoga, meditation & reflection.


Individuals looking to take time out for their yoga practice and reflection while experiencing the colour and culture of India. All are welcomed. Yoga classes are tailored to suit individual levels and needs.


Early Bird Price          $1,590

Regular Price             $1,790

( Single Occupancy Room Top Up + $280) 

Early Bird Price is valid till 15th December 2019


  • 12D/11N Accommodation

  • 3 vegetarian meals daily

  • Scheduled excursions including inland transport, guides and entrance passes

  • Guided hikes & activities

  • Twice daily yoga and meditation


Explore the Himalayan foothills and learn about India's unique & vibrant culture. Connect with other seekers on a yogic journey of nature, culture and pilgrimage.

ROY’s Pilgrimage Retreats

While the term Retreat, meaning “to pull back”, can be defined as a length of time spent away, withdrawing from one’s normal life for the purpose of reconnecting,

A Pilgrimage refers to embarking on a journey toward a place or series of places and utilising them in search of a new or expanded understanding about oneself, others, and the world around us. A pilgrimage takes us out into the world, in order to direct us back to our ultimate pilgrimage, the journey we decide to take within.

These are the underlying themes of our journey together.

 ROY’s Yoga Pilgrimage Retreats are short and manageable trips specifically organised to be both light and enjoyable, as well as a held container to deepen one’s yogic studies and inward reflection. Our travels will be supported with a daily rhythm of yoga, meditation, philosophy and deep dialogue as we enjoy meandering through the Himalayan foothills together.

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delhi spice market.jpg

New Delhi Day 1-2

Arrival and welcome. A taste of Ashram life for 2 days, old city tour, visiting the lively spice market and tasting delicious food.


Overnight Train Day 6

An overnight train journey takes us further out into nature. Where we wake up to the scenic views of xx.


Afternoon Train Day 10

A 6hr train ride gets us back into Delhi in time for bed.


Rishikesh Day 3-6

A 6hr drive to Rishikesh. We settled here, in a heartland of ancient ‘seers’ to modern yogis. Temple visits, satsangs, puja by the Gangas river.



Day 7-10

After bustling Rishikesh, we venture further into peaceful nature to integrate. We tap into a series of beautiful trails, learn the local crafts and settle into our practice for the final leg of our trip.


New Delhi Day 11

We wake up to breakfast and our final yoga practice and closing on our last day together.


We will be moving through three accommodations that give a balance between cosy comforts, ashram experiences and nature surrounds.

The retreat package is based on shared room accomodation. There are options for more privacy and you may request for upgrades into Single Occupancy Rooms after your registration. These are subject to availability and allocated at a later date. Each room layout is unique and allocated on a first come first served basis. Speak to us directly to find out about your room options. 


A tranquil pause nestled in the heart of Delhi, Sri Aurobindu's Ashram provides simple and clean rooms and nutritious, hygienic ashram food for guests that seek a spiritual life. Single Occupancy rooms are available at early requests.


Located on the banks of Him River and 12km away from the vibrant center of Rishikesh, Howard's Sanctuary is a hidden jewel of peace & calm while giving us close access to activities in Rishikesh. A place to restore and escape inward.


In the 1890s, the beautiful wife of a British army officer fell in love with the village of Gethia and decided to put out roots. The entire hillside belonged to her, and she chose the best spot to site her house. Overlooking the serene valley and lush landscape of the Kumaon, Bara Bungalow is a place that serves as a retreat from the humdrum of daily life.


India is a gastronomer's delight! Within the 29 states of India, every state has a different cuisine to offer. During our trip you will encounter the simple goodness of sattvic ashram meals to diverse Indian cuisine and local hidden spots for the best chai, chat and lassi.

Let us know of your dietary preferences and restrictions and your taste buds will be accommodated!

* Daily excursions are organised during Leisure Time on each day. Daily meals and classes punctuate the overview listed above.


When I was considering this Nepal trip I was very apprehensive. My usual idea of a holiday is a 5 star hotel but speaking with ROY put my worries to rest. The minute I clicked ‘Send’ on my booking, I couldn’t shake off that sense of excitement! I didn’t know what to expect from the trip and it turned out to be such a life changing experience for me!

Everything was impeccably organised. From yoga practice in the beautiful outdoors, to browsing the bustling shops around the majestic Boudhanath Stupa, or exploring the sacred grounds of Pashupatinath Temple, every activity was an opportunity to learn more about the rich culture and spirituality that Nepal holds.

The yoga sessions were so thoughtfully lead! Vinyasa practices got us warmed up in the cool mornings while soothing evening classes made sure our post-hike legs wouldn’t feel sore the next day. My only complaint? After experiencing such personalized instruction, I’d never be able to go to one of those run-of-the-mill yoga studios!

I had the honor of meeting an amazing group of participants from around the world. We came together as individuals embarking on personal adventures but left as friends, having shared this portion of the journey together.
— Melissa Ong



While mid-February in this region is spring, we will be outdoors and also exposed to cooler weather. Cold nights and early mornings, while bright warm sunlight during the day will give you soothing relief. Sweaters and layers recommended.


You will be arriving into Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Our first venue is 18km from Delhi Airport. Depending on traffic, this may take you between 30-90mins by car. We can arrange your airport transfer/s, which will be an additional fee payable to your driver.


The International Yoga Festival occurs from the 1st-7th March in Rishikesh.






Daphne is committed to sharing the teachings of yoga with clarity and heart and is dedicated to facilitating others through inner and outer journeys of conscious living and transformation.

While her approach is simple and grounded in compassion, she loves to share her deep reverence for ancient cultures and wisdom traditions and utilises these gems and philosophies as the backbone to her programs.

+ More about Daphne


An avid seeker of untouched places and simple experiences, Anshul is a seasoned traveller who has journeyed extensively through most states of india and on a lifelong mission to unfold even more.

A warm and candid personality, he exudes a natural joy in showing his beautiful and diverse country to fellow travellers as well as generously sharing his own experience of the indian way and tradition from a modern perspective.

Born and raised in Delhi, Anshul took every opportunity to escape city life in a search for nature, hidden landscapes and little village folk, listening keenly to their stories. In his words, “Ive never been more committed towards anything then
discovering our land - its cuture, history, innumerable tales, legends and its gastronomy.”

Anshul is in constant touch with advaita philosophy and has also taken up a formal study practise into Buddhism in his recent years.