A core principal in Yoga is the balance between Vairagya (Discipline, Practice, Effort) & Abyasa (surrender, non-attachment) - Ref The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (v1.12-1.16). While seemingly different, these two work hand in hand. Practice leads you in the right direction, while non-attachment allows you to continue the inner journey without getting sidetracked into the pains and pleasures along the way. It allows us to move beyond the multitude of unconscious actions we go through on a daily basis, governed simply by our Likes and Dislikes.

The practice of yoga is not Discipline. The practice of Yoga is not non-action. Yoga as a practice is concerned with the relationship between the two, the mid-line. 

You could say that in our extreme states, we learn strongly one way or the other. So, When things get rough, pause, take a breath and let your heart lead.

Arthur Ashe says it so beautifully,

‘Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.’

The only thing we can do apart from that is to spend the time struggling with ourselves instead.

An athlete with 3 grand slam titles under his belt, a humanitarian, an educator and a conscience leader. How did he manage all that?

Baby steps to where you want to go, and Acceptance along your way there.