DoYouYoga Series Part 3 of 4  

by Alina Seeberger 

Published 17th March 2017DoYouYoga


ROY graduate Alina shares her experience of residential her teacher training with Routes of Yoga in Bali. Week 3 Connecting with the Chakras : ROY Training Insights with Alina (Part 3 of 4)  

ROY's courses progress in layers. During the 2nd module, students are given a fixed sequence learn how to teach it in stages. By the 3rd module, this fixed sequence is familiar to the body and intellect. At this point the Sequencing classes begin. The rational behind this fixed sequence is explained as well as ways that it can be modified to suit different intentions. A series of Sequencing classes then follow to branch out other methods of Sequencing classes.

In the 3rd module, we venture into Yoga Philosophy texts and discussion.



Part 1 of 4 : Week 1 Getting Started

Part 2 of 4 : Connecting with Chakras  

Part 3 of 4  : Asana & Alignment

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ROY Training Insights with Alina Seeberger

DoYouYoga Feature Series

DoYouYoga Feature Series