DoYouYoga Series Part 4 of 4  

by Alina Seeberger

Published 3rd June 2017DoYouYoga


ROY graduate Alina shares her experience of residential her teacher training with Routes of Yoga in Bali here : Week 4 - Final Week & Grateful Send-off! : ROY Training Insights with Alina (Part 4 of 4)  

ROY's courses progress in layers. As Students continue on through their class topics, this last week sees a shift of gears with punctuations of more practical topics such as the Business of Yoga, How to develop a Self-Practice and The Role of a Teacher. Students as well as preparing for their practical and written exams!

Alina makes use of her last one-on-one to interview and log her conversation with Daphne and Anton! 

ROY Training Insights with Alina Seeberger


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Part 4 of 4 : Final Week & Grateful Send-off!


DoYouYoga Feature Series

DoYouYoga Feature Series