A Letter to Anyone Considering a Yoga Teacher Training

For those considering a YTT be prepared to grow and learn more about yoga but also more about yourself. For me the best part was realising that being a teacher of yoga also meant being an eternal student in yoga. And on your journey, whatever it is …

Planting Seeds of Yoga

Planting seeds are the start of new cycles of growth and the seeds of yoga were planted in me many years ago. As I venture deeper into my practice, I have now come to understand the beauty of growing in a much deeper sense of the word …

DoYouYoga Series Part 4 of 4

The last week sees a shift of gears with practical topics such as the Business of Yoga, developing a Self-Practice and The Role of a Teacher. Also included is Alina's last questions towards with Daphne and Anton! 

Do You Yoga Series - Part 4 of 4

DoYouYoga Feature Series Part 3 of 4

Sequencing classes begin. The rational behind Sequencing is explained as well as ways that it can be modified to suit different intentions. Students also venture into Yoga Philosophy discussions.

Do You Yoga Series - Part 3 of 4


In our overactive and over stimulating life, it is common to place the action of worldly pursuits as inferior to the renunciation and seclusion away from it all. The great yogi, sitting spine erect in padmasana, detached and impartial to the mess

2017 - Refinement

In the new cycle of 2017, a fresh crisp energy to Refine. Show me, Yoga says – how much do you mean what you say? Align your 3 doors of Body (Action), Speech (Words) and Mind (Thought). May they be mirrors of reflections upon each other.

DoYouYoga Feature Series Part 2 of 4

Week 2 : Once students are acclimatised to their practice space, routine and peers, subtle yogic concepts and internal practices are then introduced and explored in a safe space.

Do You Yoga Series - Part 2 of 4 


Sometimes, Many times, we mistaken More Thinking to Deeply Listening. We tire out from cycles of overthinking before the real work can begin. We justify, because the alternative would be to admit that all that effort put into More Thinking is useless.

DoYouYoga Feature Series Part 1 of 4

ROY graduate Alina Seeberger shares her dairy entries out on DoYouYoga so that others can get an insight into ROY's training curriculum and her journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. 

Do You Yoga Series - Part 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4

Salutations to the Sun

Salutations to the Sun

 Anton on Sun Salutations, some things to consider and the particular version that he practices.

Video taken from the banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh.

Seek For Me, Ask of Me

'Seek for Me, Ask of Me' it says.

'In the womb of Nature i rest,

in the Temple of Man i wait, 

Seek for Me

Ask of Me

Where Do You Walk?

Where do you walk, when you walk alone
What is your posture, when no one is looking...


From Here to There Lies a Path - Is it Practice?

A path is a trajectory from here to somewhere else—a desire to leave one destination and arrive into the next. It is a movement from one point to another that, in the tangible world can be viewed as either voluntary or involuntary.

ROY X YOGAHOOD : Who's YogaHood

Yogahood Australia is a non-profit organisation that brings the benefits of yoga to at-risk and underserved communities in Australia. Get into the mindset of the great women behind this powerful initiative.

Defining Altruism through Yoga

Altruism is defined as the practice of disinterested concern for the well-being of others. We’re privileged to have had an inspiring talk with Daphne Charles who lives with this in mind. 

Defining Yoga, Defining Yourself

Putting an identity to what we do is an essential piece of our parcel. It helps us to formulate and understand concepts on a gross level and from where we currently stand. On the flip side, an overkill of identity leads to rigidity...

The Craftsman Takes Action

We are intelligent beings, every single one of us. In each of us an inherent ability to shine brighter, stand taller, love larger, live true.  We are intelligent beings, every single one of us, with all our grand ideas living out their lives in our mind. 


What’s the hype all about? YOGANONYMOUS sits down with the duo behind ROY and find out what to expect from their yoga teacher training in Bali.

YogaLife Magazine : Routes of Yoga Feature

One of our students brings a hard copy of YogaLife Magazine's December 2014 Issue on her travels to Sri Lanka to show us of a ROY write-up in the magazine. Great way to find out about a feature!